ACM NOVOPHANE K SHAMPOO 125ML | ايه سي ام شامبو شعر نوفوفين كيه ضد القشرة 125مل

120 ر.س


Severe dandruff, itching, irritation

Novophane K possesses comprehensive anti-dandruff action to combat severe dandruff with itching. Its antifungal complex containing pyrithione, zinc and piroctone olamine limits the proliferation of Malassezia yeast, the main causative agents of dandruff. Thanks to juniper essential oil, Novophane K eliminates dandruff while preventing its recurrence and reduces itching. Scales are eliminated by salicylic acid. The scalp is cleanses and itching disappears.

The hair is gently cleansed, once more becoming beautiful and healthy-looking.

SKIN TYPE Severe dandruff (plaques, itching, irritations)

USE: 2 to 3 times/week Maintenance: 1 to 2 times/week

BENEFITS Eliminates persistent dandruff, soothes itching and redness

PRESENTATION 125 ml Bottle

  • 120 ر.س

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