SEBIACLEAR active 40ml

119 ر.س

Sebiaclear active is an anti acne cream and severe imperfections. Its ultra-concentrated formula is effective on buttons, blackheads, marks and shine.

For sensitive skin with acne tendency, face. 

Pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, acne is a real mental load! But it's not a fatality!

SEBIACLEAR ACTIVE is a treatment super concentrated in dermatological active ingredients that helps to eliminate severe imperfections: pimples, blackheads, marks and shine. Its plus, a moisturizing action 12h(3). 

Gel-cream texture with a non-greasy finish - powdery/matting effect. Excellent make-up base.

As early as 7 days, imperfections are reduced. From 4 weeks, skin quality is significantly improved, pores are unclogged, shine is regulated and marks are reduced. 

How To Use:

Apply a small amount of the product to clean skin morning and evening, alone or in addition to dermatological treatments.

  • 119 ر.س

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