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Highly-effective serum for intensive care of cellulite-prone skin. Lifts and smoothes. With immediately perceptible freshness effect. Contains plant-based cellulite active substance complex and ESP (elastin-stimulating peptides).

How to Use:

Apply Cellulite Contour Formula onto the problem areas and massage in after cleansing the body with Oxygenating Body Scrub.


• Plant-based cellulite active substance complex with scientifically proven studies; combination of three active substances:

  1. Extract of the green algae Euglena gracilis: Synthesis of the cellular energy store ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the cells' power plants (mitochondria); blockage of lipid deposition via the synthesis of fibronectin

  2. Extract from the leaves of the yellow horned poppy: Anti-inflammatory; supports the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria

  3. Caffeine: Anti-inflammatory, lipid breakdown (lipolysis), blockage of lipid deposition

• ESP: Elastin-stimulating peptides structure the elastic tissue and ensure in-creased firmness

• Avocado oil: Rich in natural fatty acids and vitamins A, E and D; cares for and protects the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth

• Menthol: Cools and revives the metabolism

  • 210 ر.س

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